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One of our goals is to rethink and reshape the way consumers manage their finances. We look to achieve this goal with educational methods of helping our customers act out their financial dreams with open eyes.

Numbers impact all aspects of our lives, from credit to budgeting, assets to liabilities. It’s also the first step in acting out your financial dreams with open eyes. Knowing what your numbers are.

SMART debt analysis and budget

We take the SMART approach, that is Specific, Measurable, Achieveable, Realistic, Time-Bound, approach to every service and plan we offer. We analyze and review your current debt load and how it aligns with your goals.


SMART Budget

We create a tailor-made budget based on your goals, current credit, and debt.



Through our extensive and diverse network of strategic partners, we help you to identify the proper credit products that align with your goals.


SMART Credit Rehabilitation

Credit impact all aspects of our lives have a positive impact on yours. We provide a complete and comprehensive credit analysis and plan to rehabilitate your credit.


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“The value is in the education as well as the solution if not greater”
A. Andrews

“With so many competitors, it was difficult to pick a credit repair service that I could trust. Their rates were reasonable and paid dividends. Thank you Daydream Financial”
M. Bailey

“After my divorce, my FICO score dropped to a 540. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone so I ignored it until I was denied a mortgage loan. I was referred to Daydream Financial who improved my credit by 50 points in under 30 days and got my mortgage loan approved shortly after”
K. Sutton

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