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Our Mission.

Helping people act out their financial dreams with open eyes.


Led By Daydreams.

Founded on the principle that it “All starts with a number” by our founder Niem M. Green the CEO of our sister company “” “Where Good Credit is Sexy”, Mr. Green with years of underwriting and lending experience asked 2 questions, “What if that number is inaccurate due to inaccurate information? What if that number is inaccurate due to people not being educated on credit?” With these questions and resources, Mr. Green built a team and set out to answer these questions not only for himself but more importantly for the consumer.

We at Daydream Financial are a team of credit, legal, data, and banking professionals. Most importantly we are consumers with consumers at heart and mind.

Succeeding by acting our dreams out of helping the world with open eyes.

Founded by Niem M. Green, known professionally throughout the world as “The Daydreaming Mogul” Daydream Financial Services, exists to help consumers to act their dreams out with open eyes overcoming common financial issues and challenges.

Credit Rehabilitation Solutions

Comprehensive Review of Credit Report.

We take a comprehensive review and analysis of all 3 major credit bureaus. We look for opportunities for improvement through our years of experience as underwriters, data engineers, analysts, legal professionals and most importantly consumers like you.


Personal Plan Design

We strategically build a plan just for you.

No 2 credit reports are the same just as no 2 people are the same. So every plan should be different. We take the time to understand your goals and 3 important things; your past – credit history and it’s cause, your present – your current financial situation, and your future – where do you want to be? With this information we strategically devise a plan to help you reach your goals.

Total Integration

Bringing it all together.

We integrate it all and educate you in the process to make sure it make sense. Our goal is to keep you on a path to insure you reach your goals. We also connect you with resources and our partners to help you with everything from saving to investing, budgeting to building credit, and so much more.


Complete Analysis

Know where you stand from beginning to end and everywhere in between.

We give you full access to our process and progress through our user friendly and innovative dashboard. Our team is also available to give advise you of your progress and answer any questions that may come up along the way.