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SMART Budget

We craft a tailor-made budget based on your goals, income, current credit, and debt.


SMART Credit Analysis and Rehabilitation

Complete and comprehensive credit analysis and plan to rehabilitate your credit. We identify inaccuracies in your credit file and help you to correct them, and other items that help you to achieve the credit file and score you deserve.


SMART Debt Analysis and Review

We analyze and review your current debt load, working with you to find opportunities for savings and ways to optimize your budget.




We understand having little or no credit can be as difficult as having bad credit. We offer complete credit building programs for consumers with little or no credit history to help you to build your credit history fast and most importantly, correctly.



All of the greatest inventions, companies, and brands, came from a vision. But sometimes it takes a little more than vision to bring that vision to reality. It often times takes financing and business credit to realize that vision. But going to the bank and asking for a loan is like a riddle, what came first, the chicken or the egg? Which is why we’ve established Business startup building program. To help get your business in order to secure financing and build your business credit.



What good is being SMART to use your credit, business or personal, at a bank or institution that does not have your goals or best interest in mind? We’ve handpicked a diverse network of partners that have the best rates, services, products, and offerings for you. If you have a company that is not in our network we’ll gladly review the product or service to ensure it is in line with your goals. After all, who is it about? YOU!  READ MORE

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“As a single mother, life can give you ups and downs. However, Daydream Financial was able to make my dream come true with their credit repair services. My days of paying rent are over, feels good to be a homeowner”
A. Martinez

“Great service, reasonable rates with quick results”
J. Ortiz

“Best decision I ever made. I never realized the importance of having good credit”
N. Orvlosky

“After my divorce, my FICO score dropped to a 540. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone so I ignored it until I was denied a mortgage loan. I was referred to Daydream Financial who improved my credit by 50 points in under 30 days and got my mortgage loan approved shortly after”
K. Sutton

“The value is in the education as well as the solution if not greater”
A. Andrews

“With so many competitors, it was difficult to pick a credit repair service that I could trust. Their rates were reasonable and paid dividends. Thank you Daydream Financial”
M. Bailey