Why Credit Repair?

Your credit score can affect almost EVERY bill you pay including mortgage, rent, car payments, cell phones, utilities, insurance and more. As a matter of fact, the wrong credit score can prevent you from buying a car, home, or other necessities.

Credit can have a huge impact!

Here are a few examples of how much of an impact credit can have on your payments. $25,000 vehicle on a 60-month loan:

  • Depending on your credit score, interest rates can range from 3% to 15%.
  • That’s a $450 monthly payment vs a $600 monthly payment for the same vehicle!
  • A lower credit score can literally pay $9,000 MORE for their vehicle!

$200,000 mortgage on a 30-year loan:

  • Depending on your credit score, interest rates can range from 3.4% – 6.4%.
  • Payments range from $850/month vs $1,250/month, that’s a $400 difference!
  • A higher credit score can save nearly $150,000 over 30 years!

CREDITPro can Help!


  • Easy
  • Proven
  • 100% paperless
  • Single click disputing
  •  Built to be online
  •  Mobile friendly
  •  Gives access to credit experts
  •  Works on your behalf to help you dispute against:
    •  Creditors
    •  Collection companies
    •  Credit bureaus
    •  Courthouses
  •  Helps remove inaccurate and unverifiable items
  •  Single Click
  •  Leverages The Fair Credit Reporting Act


Step 1: Register — Simple Sign Up Process

Set up your account using basic information. This information will appear when disputing and is safely stored inside your account.

Step 2: Credit Report — Generate your Report

Access your 3 Bureau Credit Report so that our system can automatically find all the negative items that are hurting your three credit scores.

Step 3: Disputing — Single Click Disputing

Automatically dispute erroneous, outdated and unverifiable information from your credit report and send it to the Credit Bureaus.

Step 4: Updating — Keep Track of your Progress

That’s it! Just wait for the responses from Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian to update your disputes in your Credit Management System.

You click the mouse, CREDITpro does the heavy lifting behind the scenes!

Chrissy Le’Blanc

Chrissy Le’Blanc

Chief Strategic Partnership Officer

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