Foreign Qualification

All business entities who want to conduct their business in the state other than the state they were formed, must obtain authority to do so from the concerned state department. This process is commonly referred to as “foreign entity qualification”.

Trade Name (DBA)

A fictitious business name, assumed business name, or DBA (“doing business as”) allows you to legally do business as a particular name at minimal cost, and without having to create an entirely new business entity.

Sales Tax ID

Sales Tax ID Number or Sales Tax Exemption Certificate is a legal document issued by the state. This certificate of authority gives your business the authority to collect the required sales and use taxes, and to issue appropriate sales tax exemption documents, including resale certificates used for purchasing inventory.

Business Licenses

Every business must ensure that it maintains the appropriate licenses, permits and tax registrations before doing business. Licensing requirements can be mandated from the local, state and federal levels.

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